Wednesday, August 20, 2008

proc filesystem tutorial Part-2

$ ls -l /proc will give a listing of files inside /proc

A brief walkthrough of the most important files

  • cmdline - The command line issued when starting the kernel.

  • cpuinfo - Information about the Central Processing Unit.

  • dma - Contains information about all DMA channels available, and which driver is using it.

  • filesystems - Contains short information about every single filesystem that the kernel supports.

  • interrupts - Gives you a brief listing of all IRQ channels, how many interrupts they have seen and what driver is actually using it.

  • iomem - A brief file containing all IO memory mappings used by different drivers.

  • ioports - Contains a brief listing of all IO ports used by different drivers.

  • kcore - Contains a complete memory dump. Do not cat or anything like that, you may freeze your system. Mainly used to debug the system.

  • kmsg - Contains messages sent by kernel, is not and should not be readable by users since it may contain vital information. Main usage is to debug the system.

  • ksyms - This contains the kernel symbol table, which is mainly used to debug the kernel.

  • loadavg - Gives the load average of the system during the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes.

  • meminfo - Contains information about memory usage on the system.

  • modules - Contains information about all currently loaded modules in the kernel.

  • mounts - Symlink to another file in the /proc filesystem which contains information about all mounted filesystems.

  • partitions - Contains information about all partitions found on all drives in the system.

  • pci - Gives tons of hardware information about all PCI devices on the system.

  • swaps - Contains information about all swap partitions mounted.

  • uptime - Gives you the uptime of the computer since it was last rebooted in seconds.

  • version - Gives the exact version string of the kernel currently running, including build date and gcc versions etcetera.

And here is a list of the main directories and what you can expect to find in there:

  • bus - Contains information about all the buses, hardware-wise, such as USB, PCI and ISA buses.

  • ide - Contains information about all of the IDE buses on systems that has IDE buses.

  • net - Some basic information and statistics about the different network systems compiled into the system.

  • scsi - This directory contains information about SCSI buses on SCSI systems.

  • sys - Contains lots of variables that may be changed, including the /proc/sys/net/ipv4 which will be deeply discussed in this document.

As you can see, there is literally hundreds of files in the /proc filesystem that may be read and checked for information, and we haven't looked at half of them here.

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