Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Desktop Environments / window managers Ubuntu 8.04

I will give you some Desktop Environment/ window manager installations in addition with popular Gnome and KDE for ubuntu.

1. Xfce - Type : sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

If You have RAM between 128 and 256 MB KDE and Gnome are too slow, Now you can prefer Xface it is lightweight. Xubuntu comes with Xface as default

2. Blackbox - Type: sudo apt-get install blackbox

Blackbox is an original window manager, sharing no code with any others. It's designed to be fairly small and minimal, making it particularly suited to less powerful computers.
Official Blackbox site

3. Fluxbox - Type: sudo apt-get install fluxbox

Fluxbox is developed from version 0.61.1 of Blackbox, and retains theme compatibility with it, whilst adding numerous extra features. Another powerful feature is the keygrabber tool for configuring keyboard shortcuts.
4. FVWM - Type: sudo apt-get install fvwm

Fvwm, developed by Robert Nation, Fvwm was designed to minimize memory usage, provide a 3-D look and provide a simple virtual desktop.
It is a very good window manager.
5. WindowMaker - sudo apt-get install wmaker

Window Maker is a window manager that emulates the NeXT interface.

Features of Window Maker include:

  • Application dock with drag and drop support
  • Pinnable menus
  • Gradient rendered window decorations
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Graphical configuration tool
6. Icewm - Type: sudo apt-get install icewm

IceWM is a window manager which has been coded from scratch for speed and flexibility. It shares no code with other window managers.
It comes with several default themes, including Motif, GTK, OS/2 Warp and Windows xp etc
IceWM is extremely configurable and includes some small taskbar applets for common things, such as APM, network, CPU, mail status and a clock
7. Afterstep - Type: sudo apt-get install afterstep

AfterStep is based on Fvwm

Major changes from Fvwm are:

  1. NeXTSTEP-alike title bar, title buttons, borders and corners.
  2. NeXTSTEP style menu. However the menus are not controlled by applications, they are more of pop-up service lists on the root window.
  3. NeXTSTEP style icons. These styles are hard-coded in the program, thought to be good for a consistent look of NeXTSTEP interface.
8. E17; E17 is one of the best desktop manager, for installation:

Open terminal, and type: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and then, add this following code:

# dunnewind e17 repository for Ubuntu Hardy
deb http://e17.dunnewind.net/ubuntu hardy e17

After those code added, you need to type this also at the terminal:

wget http://lut1n.ifrance.com/repo_key.asc
-O- | sudo apt-key add -

After that, close the source.list from the terminal, and type this following code again at the terminal: sudo apt-get install e17

If you need to install the media player that based from E17 that named eclair,

sudo apt-get install eclair

And that settled in the e17

Lot of other window managers are available for linux Metacity, Sawfish, Compiz, Openbox, Eclipse and more............ Click Here

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