Thursday, September 4, 2008

Compare Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8

Google has designed an almost completely new Web browser. In fact, other than the core rendering engine – which is based on the open source WebKit standard of Safari fame – everything in Google Chrome. The current versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, individual Web page tabs are hosted in a single process , single crashed tab can easily take down the entire browser application. Chrome seeks to eliminate this problem by isolating each tab within its own application process, then leveraging the built-in memory protection capabilities of modern multitasking operating systems to keep code and data in a failing tab from stopping on other processes.

Internet Explorer 8 takes Microsoft's creaking browser architecture and injects it with some much needed life. The sturdier, multiprocess design means that most crashes will be isolated to a single tab, while the new "porn mode" and quick-access tools (Accelerators, Web Slices) make browsing more efficient. IE 8's hefty system requirements could slow adoption until Windows 7 debuts late next year.

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