Thursday, September 4, 2008

LINUX GUI Text Editors

nano is a small text-based (launched from the command line) text editor. It's top on our list for many reasons. A clone of the older Pico editor, nano can be used to easily view and edit files.

gedit is the official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. Though not the most glamorous of text editors. It has the basic features like -- spell check, word count and search and replace. Its features can be extended with plugins.


If you prefer KDE, and do a lot of text editing, I would recommend looking beyond the standard Kate or Kwrite applications.

Geany is a graphical application designed to be lightweight, and install with only the GTK2 runtime libraries as a dependency.

Cream is interesting, because it's more a set of nice macros than a full-fledged text editor. It is a descendant of the Vi/Vim editors. Cream puts a familiar look on the Vim editor, making it accessible to new users. Basic features include spell check, bookmarks, code folding, and find and replace. Advanced features allow for different keyboard mappings, text color themes, and word completion. Cream is a good choice.


Gobby is a collaborative text editor. (It is also available for Windows, OS X and UNIX.) It connects computers on a network . It allows for the creation of multiple documents, dragging and dropping of documents, and has an IRC-style chat interface, so you can discuss any changes in real-time. Originally designed for programming collaboration, group editing of other types of documents is also possible. It's a neat application for offices that have a mix of software platforms.

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