Thursday, October 30, 2008

Invisible women (man) !! The dreams comes true

The researcher of Berkeley University (California) are created a new material called meta-meterial by utilizing the potential of nanotechnology. We know all of the materials we can see in nature have a positive refractive index, but the new meta-material has a negative refractive index of -0.6 for light with a wavelength of 780-nanometers. The meta-material operates in the infrared spectrum with higher frequencies, the materials that we can see is operated in smaller wavelengths.

According to the sources consequence the researchers have to miniaturize their already microscopic designs, a process at the bleeding edge of current technology. The meta-material is obtained through layers of silver, sandwiching a thin sliver of nonconducting magnesium fluoride on a glass sheet and it can capture the electromagnetic radiation and deflect it progressively. In other words the meta -material can control the light direction, making invisible the object that is behind. Practically this new material should bend the luminous waves around the object, at the same manner of a water river around a rock. An observer, in this case, should see only the light coming behind the object. So the invisibility will be a reality and not a dream in the future.

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