Friday, October 24, 2008

Online Wordprocessing Tools

Word Processing
Microsoft is a group of fools, so they still maintain releases for MSword, We are heading towards Web based OS. Lot of web based Wordprocessors are available now. Take a look on range of wordprocessors from simple to full-featured.

Writer: With this tool from BigHugeLabs, you can write simple documents and save them online.

J2E: It is a great word processor for students, offering free accounts and a unique URL for sharing documents.

Buzzword: This word processor has a really good interface from market leader Adobe.

Solodox: Solodox makes it easy for you to write, edit, and collaborate your documents online.

Writeboard: Writeboard is a full-featured word processor, with great features like collaboration capability and version control

GreenDoc: GreenDoc offers an incredibly simple way to write online.

FCKeditor: Use this HTML editor to enjoy, an alternative for MS Word online.

Nevercode Docs: You can use Nevercode online, then download and store your files on their servers to access them later.

TheOpenDoc: TheOpenDoc is great for collaboration, offering word processing with change tracking.

iNetWord: With this word processor, you can perform document tasks as well as edit web documents.

FlySuite: This app has a lot to offer, serving up offline capability as well as a gigabyte of file storage.

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