Friday, October 3, 2008

Poseidon Linux Ubuntu for Scientific Applications

Poseidon Linux is designed for scientific applications by Brazilian/International scientific community. It having a collection of tools in the areas GIS and Geostatistics, Mathematics, Visualization2D/3D/4D, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, CAD / Engineering, Computer Graphics,
Image Editing and Vectorial Drawing, Numeric modelling / Simulation, Scientific graphs, Scientific, Authoring, Database, Programming languages.

This is the detailed list of the main programs included in Poseidon Linux 3.0:

GIS/Mapping: SPRING 4.3.3, GRASS 6.2.1 + plugins GDAL 1.4.4 and OGR 1.4.4, GMT 4.2.0, PROJ 4.6, QGIS 0.10 + plugins (including GRASS Plugin), Terraview 3.2 Plus,
MB System 5.1.0, GPS Manager, GPS Drive, Mapserver 5.0 + Pmapper 3.2 (don't work running from live-DVD, just work installed on a PC)

Visualization (2D/3D/4D): OpenDX 4.4.0

Statistics and Math: R 2.6.2 + many libraries (GeoR, GeoRglm, GStat, GAM, GRASS, abind, car, effects, lmtest, multicomp, mvtnorm, relimp, rgl, sandwich, sm, strucchange, zoo) + graphical interface for R (using his library, Rcmdr)

Numerical Modelling: Octave 3.0 + Gnuplot


Computer Graphics (CG): Blender

Database: Postgresql 8.3 + addon PostGIS 1.3 (module to work with GIS data)

Scientific Authoring: Kile , Lyx

Scientific Graphics: Dia, Gri 2.12.16, LabPlot, Qtiplot , Fityk

Compilers/Programming Languages:
GCC (C and C++ compiler), G77 (Fortran compiler) ,Lua ,Python

Amarok (Mp3 Player de MP3) , Mplayer(Player VCD, DVD, MPEG, AVI, etc...) ,
Totem (Player VCD, DVD, MPEG, AVI, etc...) , K3B (CD e DVD Recording), Brasero (CD e DVD Recording)

Office: OpenOffice 2.4

Internet: Mozilla FireFox , Thunderbird , TightVNC , XChat , aMSN , Pidgin ,Evolution ,gFTP

Graphics and Image Editing: Gimp 2.4.5 , XFig , F-Spot, gThumb , XSane ,Inkscape

Extras: Alien (Convert .RPM to .DEB) , Vim , DosBox (DOS emulator) ,Sysutils (Tools to convert ASCII text files from DOS to UNIX, and UNIX to DOS), Gnuplot ,Tools for Palm sync, QEmu (free emulator, runs another OS in a window)

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