Friday, October 17, 2008

Windows Vista Failed Now Microsoft moves to Windows 7

Microsoft Next OS tobe called Windows 7 . It will release in the first quarter of 2010. Microsoft is now in a hurry to push out its next operating system after the generally dismal response to Vista. The rate of vulnerabilities found with in 6 months, Windows has significantly increased— Windows: 12+, Red Hat + Fedora: 2, Mac OS X: 1, HP-UX: 2, Solaris: 1. Microsoft has stopped releasing updates and hotfixes for many of their old Windows operating systems, including all versions of Windows 9x and earlier versions of Windows NT. Windows versions prior to XP are no longer supported. As per the reports on September 2008 the market share of Desktop OS shows Windows - 92.24%, Mac OS X - 5.33, Linux - 1.12 and others - 1.32%.

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