Monday, November 3, 2008

Espeak - Built in Speech synthesizer of Ubuntu can help the Blind Users

Espeak is the built in speech synthesizer of Ubuntu. It’s there to work in partnership with the Orca screen reader, which provides support to the blind users of ubuntu and is a command line utility.
open a terminal and just type
$ espeak "College of Engineering Attingal"
(connect your your speaker/hedphone before using this, and listen the sound)
I know it is not the most advanced speech synthesizer in the world, but it is simple and good.

$man espeak will give more
Try the following
who are you
My name is kurangan
ctrl+d to quit

You can switch voice to different accents
$ espeak --voice=en (there is two dashes before voices)

$espeak -s 130 -v en-westindies "How are you my dear?"
(-s will control the speech speed)

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