Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Review : Fedora 10 Cambridge whats new in it?

Fedora 10 code named "Cambridge will expected to release on 2008-11-25.

1. It provides ultrafast booting using Plymouth, Plymouth is a new program from Redhat that starts earlier(even before root(/) is mounted!!), it doesn't required an X server, it requires DRM kernel modesetting drivers to get pretty graphics, but will have a text mode fallback for systems without driver support. It Requires changes to grub, mkinitrd, initscripts, gdm, X, possibly other packages. (more about Plymouth)

2. It Provides a better Wireless connectivity and feauters like
Wireless connection sharing.

3. The printing features become more better, I think it is now better than Microsoft.

4. Enhanced software update and maintenance, from RPM 4.6 to PackageKit . Packagekit is a new package-installer which provides better performance , PackageKit is a system designed to make installing and updating software on your computer easier. The primary design goal is to unify all the software graphical tools used in different distributions like apt, yum, conary etc..
(read more about packagekit here)

5. Virtualization storage, Advances in libvirt now provide the ability to list, create, and delete storage volumes on remote hosts. Virtualization storage management have enabled the creation of guests on remote host systems. see more

6. SecTool, security audit and intrusion detection system. See more

7. Glitch free audio using timer-based scheduling

It also include sugar spin live cd desktop, latest versions of prevous packages and lot more.....

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Anonymous said...

The main point where fedora or other linux OS lack is the inclusion of a media player (like mplayer) packed with the distribution.

Its the time when people just download a media file and just play with VLC player, GOM player etc.

Fedora and other linux flavors are for those users which have a IT related educational background otherwise general user has no time to full-fil the dependencies of rpm while installing a software etc....

Fedora has to improve this mechanism by devising somw new methodology else Windows will remain popular among general users which make almost 70% of the cyber community

Qasim Ali