Monday, November 3, 2008

Webmasters Tools - Beautify Your Site with CSS - Part1

Most of the stylish websites are powered with CSS. So CSS is an essential thing for the design of websites. Entire style of your website can be change by modifying the CSS Styles. The style of fonts, images, borders, shadows, menus everything can be add with CSS. I am trying to show some sites which will help you to make beatyful CSS styles. A webmaster can inteligently exploit this sites to modify and beautify your site.

Message boxes : Message boxes are useful elements to display status messages after or during a specific user request. It can use for highlight notes, warnings etc.

Spiffy Corners, Spiffy Corners is a online tool is a simple way to generate the CSS and HTML you need to create anti-aliased corners without using images or javascript. It can be applied to any element of your pages and it is not using any image, so it is very faster.

Dock Menu, This will help you to make Mac style Doc, simple script that can be add to any site

Style Web Forms using CSS, You can make colorful, stylish web forms with this site thanks to Richel Andrew.

Form Beautification Beautify your sites and forms with gradients

CSS Drop Down Menu, A very good drop down menu, it is really interesting as it scrolls down softly and this gives a beautiful effect.

Image Maps in CSS, An image map will help you to link some parts of you image to be linked with different html pages.

Stylish CSS Menu Generator, Online tool that generates the CSS code for your page. It makes three types of menus: vertical, horizontal and drop-down menus.

Part-2 will add soon

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