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NASM : My First Program

Some years ago, Assembly Language was very popular. I used TASM , MASM and Microsoft Debug on that time. I think Debug one of the very powerful tools for cracking.

I just figure out, is there any Assembly Language in Linux?

Because, usually Assembly Language use DOS and BIOS Interrupt Services.

I finally found a good application, named NASM (Net wide Assembler). I have tried the sample codes from

NASM doesn’t have a text editor, so you can use your familiar text editor then save the file with .asm file extension.

There are few main differences to be considered when you use assembly language in Linux:

* In DOS mostly you use interrupt int 21h, int 10h and int 16h. In Linux, everything is handled by kernel with int 80h.
*Linux is a 32-bit protected mode operating system, so have to use extended 32-bit registers, such as EAX, EBX, ECX and so on. In 16-bit register, you still use AX, BX,CX etc …. registers.
*In 32-bit programming, you don’t have to think about segments at all because it runs in the flat memory model.
*I think no body write DOS assembly anymore. Hey… it’s 16 bit.

How I can get Nasm?

NASM is listed in Ubuntu Repository, so just download it using apt.

vishnu@vishnu-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install nasm

Write your first Linux Assembly Language Application
Here I will Show you a step by step example for Displaying "hello World"

Step 1. Type the code

You can use, vim, vi, gedit etc. The extension must be .asm.

vishnu@vishnu-desktop:~$ sudo vim hello.asm

section .data

hello: db ‘Hello world!’,10

helloLen: equ $-hello

section .text

global _start


mov eax,4

mov ebx,1

mov ecx,hello

mov edx,helloLen

int 80h

mov eax,1

mov ebx,0

int 80h

save the file.

Actually, I’m new myself in Assembly Programming in Linux. I took the codes above from the NASM website. I just wanna show you that we can do Assembly Programming in Linux. If you want to know deeper you can go

to this link: ……………………..

Step 2. Compile .asm (source code) to .o (object)

vishnu@vishnu-desktop:~$ nasm -f elf hello.asm

Step 3. Link the object file to produce an executable file.

vishnu@vishnu-desktop:~$ ld -s -o hello hello.o

Now, you have 3 files, hello.asm (your source code), hello.o (your object file) and hello (your program).

Step 4. Ready to run

You can run your program by typing:

vishnu@vishnu-desktop:~$ ./hello

Hello world!

Congratulations! You have just written your first assembly program in Linux.

If you want to know more details about nasm and ld, you can see the manual.

vishnu@vishnu-desktop:~$ man ld

vishnu@vishnu-desktop:~$ man nasm

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Firefox Secret Pages and Hacks

check all the above secrets in your browser with out fear. about:config will only use for viewing , change only with proper knowledge.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cinelerra : Video Editing Tool for Ubuntu Linux

Cinelerra is the most advanced non-linear video editor and compositor for Linux. It is developed by Adam William. Cinelerra does primarily 3 things: capturing, compositing, and editing audio and video with sample level accuracy. It's a movie studio in a box. If you want the same kind of editing suite that the big bosses use, on an efficient Linux operating system, it's time for Cinelerra.
see more screen shots here
See Maual Here

How to install cinelerra in ubuntu 8.10

deb akirad-intrepid main
Installation notes:
- For your convenience you can install a package for detecting your version of Ubuntu, installing akirad repository and keeping it updated.
Just double click on the link and install it with GDebi Package Installer.


Alternatively, use one of the following terminal commands:

echo deb akirad-intrepid main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/akirad.list && wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update

4 packages are available in the akirad repository: Install it using synaptic package manager
cinelerra (all computers)
cinelerra-gl (best on computer with opengl2.0 shader)
cinelerra-smp (best on multiprocessors computer, it allows also opengl2.0 shader)
cinelerra-swtc (extra Shape Wipe Transitions)

If You have Sound Problem use the following or read this
- Ubuntu Intrepid uses Pulse Audio as Sound driver. Since it comes with a PulseAudio ESD compatibility layer, Cinelerra can be set to work with PulseAudio. Simply open Cinelerra and go to Settings->Preferences->Playback->Audio Driver. Select ESound and set the following parameters:
Port: 7007

Here you can see installation details for all linux distros including old ubuntu

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stardict, Open Source Free Dictionary for Ubuntu Linux

$ sudo apt-get install stardict

Stardict is a dictionary, thesaurus, translator !!!

We can use more that one dictionary database, for example: Merrian Webster Dictionary, Longman Dictionary, etc. You can download the dictionary files from

The dictionary files should go here: /usr/share/stardict/dic
Steps to add New Dictionary (example uses logman dictionary)

download stardict-longman-2.4.2.tar.bz2 files

$ sudo cp stardict-longman-2.4.2.tar.bz2 /usr/share/stardict/dic $ sudo tar -xjvf stardict-longman-2.4.2.tar.bz2

You can re arrange the search order of your dictionaries
It can be used for testing pronunciation, After installation it will be available on Applications-->Accessories

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hackett and Bankwell - Learn Ubuntu wih Comic Book

New comic book Hacket and Bankwell book geared at introducing GNU/Linux — specifically Ubuntu GNU/Linux — to new users. At about 30 pages long, the first issue is an easy read, and doesn’t get too bogged down by technical details, political ruminations, or an over-abundance of geekiness. A couple panels are dense with historical information, but it doesn’t detract from the pace of the simple story too much.

Download book Here

Internet Explorer the back door of Hackers

If you've never tried Firefox, Safari, Opera Google Chrome or other Internet Explorer alternatives, now might be a good time. Microsoft's flagship browser, the default choice on countless Windows machines, currently has a serious security flaw that affects all versions of the browser running on any version of Windows. The vulnerability allows hackers to gain access to any sensitive data on your PC.

While Internet Explorer may not be the most secure of browsers, at least Microsoft is fast when it comes to patching vulnerabilities. The company is getting ready to push out an emergency update for the very serious flaw.

See liks

Monday, December 15, 2008

How to prepare Multimedia Ready Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Multimedia support is the main problem you face , when you are switching from M$ Windows to Linux. Lot of Free Software volunteers are ready to solve your problem. Here I will give some steps to prepare a Multimedia Ready Ubuntu 8.10.

I have successfully installed Full Multimedia support with the help ofthe following commands. Just open a terminal windows and cut&paste the commands. I am not giving any confusing descriptions for the commands.

$ sudo aptitude install build-essential

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Add the following multimedia repositories to your list

$ sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update

Now You can install Multimedia Codecs
$ sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2

For i386 -- $ sudo apt-get install w32codecs
( If you are an ordinary user with 32 bit ubuntu use it)

For amd64 -- $ sudo apt-get install w64codecs

Install Multimedia codecs for GStreamer
$ sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10 FAAD gstreamer0.10-plugins-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gstreamer0.10-pitfdll liblame0

Install VLC, Smplayer and Mplayer with all codecs and DVD support
$ sudo apt-get install vlc
$ sudo apt-get install smplayer
$ sudo apt-get install mplayer

Install Flash Player Plugin
$ sudo apt-get install dtc.templates libflashsupport
$ sudo apt-get install mozilla-plugin-gnash

Now Your system is Multimedia Ready. Play a MP3 and see a DVD Movie.
see more in mediubuntu click here

Angry IP Scanner in ubuntu - A simple IP and Port Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is a IP and Port Scanner widely used by Network Administrators and Hackers. It is an open-source and cross-platform network scanner designed to be fast and simple to use. It scans IP addresses and Ports. It has lots other features also.

It can scan IP addresses with in a given range,
It can also scan their ports.
It can be used for finding a host alive by just pinging.
It can be used for resolving the host name, finding MAC Address.

It also has additional features, like NetBIOS information computer name, workgroup name, and currently logged in Windows user), web server detection, customizable openers, etc.

Download version 3.0-beta3 Here

$ sudo dpkg -i ipscan_3.0-beta3_i386.deb

No splash Screen in ubuntu - How to solve it??

In ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 , some times there is no splash screen display. Where did it go?

Yes, it is Screen resolution problem, that can solve with a little changes as shown below.

Edit the following file,

$ sudo gedit /etc/usplash.conf

Then change the values with new values , that your system support. You can find your supported values from System –> Preferences –> Screen Resolution.

In my case, it was:



Now we need to reconfigure the usplash

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh usplash

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Easiest way to install Ubuntu server Applications like Apache, PHP, Mysql (LAMP)

Wonderful Ubuntu Trick

Easiest way to install Ubuntu server Applications like Apache, PHP, Mysql (LAMP), JAVA, DNS and Everything You need .

open a terminal and type

$ sudo tasksel

now you can see a text based installation screen will then allow you to install a LAMP server, Samba, Tomcat Java server, OpenSSH, DNS server and lot of other stuff.

man2html : Ubunutu Man pages in Firefox

Properly formated man pages in Mozilla Firefox (or any browser) is a dream of linux users, if it has a search facility? great!!!

First you have to install man2html using Synaptic or apt

$ sudo apt-get install man2html

Then open Mozilla Firefox and do the following

Go to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks;
Open a bookmark folder then right-click and chose New Bookmark;
Name the new bookmark Man;
In the Location field paste this line:


In the Keyword field type man;
Click Add.

Now you try man ls in address bar of your browser

You can try


also, before adding bookmark just cut and paste the above to your browsers address bar

Check Before Buying a Hardware for Ubuntu Machine

Hardware compatibility is not a very big problem in Linux now, but still there is some problems. Most of the devices are come with Windows Drivers. So you check the device for Ubuntu Hardware compatibility before buying it. will give a comprehensive Ubuntu Hardware Database

Howto Solve Loss of sound after upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10

After the installation of ubuntu 8.10 I have loss the sound in my Intel G33 Motherboard.

See the steps to solve the problem

Download OSS Driver

$ sudo dpkg -i oss-linux-4.0-1016_i386.deb

Reboot the system

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stallman Crying!! FSFS proved Microsoft Windows is a Must

Any way thanks to the Chicken curry and Fishfry served in FSFS(Free Softwrae and Free society) international conference, at Trivandrum. I have justified it because I also paying tax to governmet.

FSFS international conference Proved that nobody can conduct such conferences and nobody can live without Microsoft Windows
. Lots of brainstormers turned againt FSFS, see reactions

I have a doubt!! Yes it is only doubt, is Microsoft a Hidden sponsor of FSFS??

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Did Richard Stallman React for the following???

Hello Friend I have a doubt about "How Did Richard Stallman React for the following??"

1. If you have send a mail to invite Richard Stallman for an International Conference in FreeSoftware and Free Society. My question is that your attached invitation card is made in MICROSOFT WORD ( .doc File) , How will he react????

2. Suppose Richard Stallman is attending an International Conference in FreeSoftware and Free Society , You see, all the talk are about Freedom, and Freesoftware. My question is that, a speaker presenting his freesoftware presentation in MICROSOFT POWERPOINT, How will he react???

3. At last Richard Stallman walking around the conference hall of International Conference in FreeSoftware and Free Society, He saw a Noticeboard which shows “SPEAKERS ATTERNTION PLEASE !! DON'T USE THE WORD PPT FOR YOUR PRESENTATION!! Then How will he react??

mail to

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Howto Clear History From Movie Players in Ubuntu

Some of My friend asked me, how they can clear history from ubuntu movie players, I don't know whay they need it. Any way I will tell you the secret of history clearing.

Almost all of the applications in Gnome store their history in the same place, and it can be cleared by clearing the recent documents on the Gnome menu.

Go to the Menu bar
Places --> Recent Documents --> Clear Recent Documents

You will get a confirmation windows then press clear

Of course we did, and now the list is gone from Movie Player

Simple but useful Linux Trick

How often have you typed in a command and then realized that you forgot to type sudo. This will help you, don/t need to type the long long command.

type the following !! will replace your last command
$ sudo !!

vi /etc/apt/sources.list
this will open file as read only you need sudo to edit the file

$ sudo !!

this will expand your command automatically to

$ sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Howto install Skype 2.0 in ubuntu linux

Skype is todays most popular application for voice chat and telephony which is used for internet conversations. The latest Skype release for Linux is

Installation in Ubuntu

1. Install the needed dependencies

sudo apt-get install libasound2 libc6 libgcc1 libqt4-core libqt4-gui libsigc++-2.0-0c2a libstdc++6 libx11-6

2. Download the DEB package and install it
Download the package from the official website here . At the time of writing the package is called skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_i386.deb.

sudo dpkg -i skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_i386.deb

The Skype is now available in /usr/bin/skype. You can run it by typing ALT+F2 and entering skype in the run dialogue that appears.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Howto get your system specification in ubuntu

There is a simple way to find the Hardware specification of your computer.

open a terminal windows and type the following

$lshw this will give the full hardware details in an ugly text format

Now you can try the follwing

$lshw -html > abcd.html

open the abcd.html file in web browser (firefox)

Howto detect Free and Non-free packages installed in ubuntu

VRMS is a tool for finding free and non-free packages installed in your debian-based system like ubuntu. This genius tool provide an explanation of why it is free and non-free.

For Install vrms
$sudo apt-get install vrms

after installation you can run it in a terminal window.

Howto Solve Static IP Problem in Ubuntu 8.10

NetworkManager program provided in Ubuntu 8.10 is mainly aiming to provide a simplified Internet connection. NetworkManager is best for home users and simple internet users. If you want to use a fixed IP address it makes problem, the static IP setting will be work only upto the next restart. After reboot you can't see the Fixed IP. It will reset to DHCP.

Solution for this problem

Uninstall NetworkManager is the only solution
sudo apt-get remove network-manager network-manager-gnome

After that configure manualy the interfaces

Modify the following file: /etc/networks/interfaces.
gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces

You can see the following in this file
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

keep it as such

add the following

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

if you have morethan one network card and
you want to set a DHCP in eth1 use the following

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet dhcp

Now Restart the network

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart