Friday, March 20, 2009

Microchip PIC18 Family Video Tutorial

The PIC18 family utilizes a 16-bit program word architecture and incorporates an advanced RISC architecture with 32 level-deep stack, 8x8 hardware multiplier, and multiple internal and external interrupts. With the highest performance in Microchip’s 8-bit family, the PIC18 family provides up to 16 MIPS and linear memory. PIC18 is the most popular architecture for new 8-bit designs where customers want to program in C. Choose from over 150 PIC18 products supporting both 3V and 5V applications with packages ranging from 18 to 100 pins. Integration is key on the PIC18 devices, with support for connectivity and human interface peripherals including: USB, Ethernet, touch sensing, LCD display drivers – all with free supporting software and application notes to help you get to market faster.

See a Video Tutorial about PIC 18 Family here

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