Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gambas Visual Basic for LInux - How to install gambas in ubuntu

How to install gambas in ubuntu

Gambas, is a free software development enviroment based from basic interpreter and works just like Microsoft Visual Basic in windows! With gambas, we can design GUI or a program by using QT or GTK+, MySQL, Firebird, ODBC, and SQLLite database also to translate any 3D OpenGL application and web application CGI. with lot of features.

Add Repository deb jaunty main

( System > Administration> Software Sources > Third-Party Software. Click the "add" button to add a new repositories and paste this following code:
deb jaunty main

$ sudo apt-get install gambas2


Anonymous said...

Thank U

Thomah2000 said...

I like the UI, it seems easy to use just like visual studio.