Monday, June 15, 2009

How to RUN MP3 , DVD Video in Fedora 11

Multimedia Support in Fedora 11

Because of Copywrite and license issues Fedora 11 cannot include Multimedia support like MP3 and DVD Playback and Adobe Flash Player

You can Run MP3 and other Multimedia files in Fedora 11 , follow the steps

Open a terminal and become root ( using su command), then run this command:

rpm -Uvh
rpm -Uvh

Now, Install all other plug ins..

# yum -y install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly xine-lib-extras-nonfree

After installation, open Amarok or any other multimedia player and try to play the mp3 file and see if all goes fine and your system is ready to play Music.

To run DVD, QuickTime, AVI, and DVDs

# yum install xine xine-lib libdvdcss

Now Your Fedora 11 is Multimedia Ready


John said...

I'm so glad I found your post! I've been trying to get mp3 support for days.

Unknown said...

Thank for your support. This was the simplest instruction set I found which worked perfectly first time round.
When I download the software as per your instructions am I legally compliant ?

The Computer Nerd said...

i was just on rpmfusions' wish list and they do not host libdvdcss you have to get it from or put the following in a terminal:
su -c "rpm -ivh"

then install libdvdcss

Unknown said...

Thanks. I found it very useful. Keep up.

Alireza said...

Should we be connected after downloading to two free and nonfree packages.
because I don't have linux internet connection and I downloaded the two file from the two links from windows Vista.
However the commands don't run!

Mohamad Nadeer Chalichal said...

Thank you very much for the post. i was using linux long time ago with redhat 7.1, and after years again now using fedora 11. i was wondoring why no mp3 playing or dvd in fedora. so through google i got you.thanx again

but there is some problem, that is after installing thru your instruction still i coludnt play any of musics or dvd. then while playing mp3 it was asking same driver update message.
fourth time i just try update driver, then it found gstreamer automatically and updated everything. now i am able to play wm and mp3 files.

for dvd i used kaffeine player. beginnig same story, could not open. then what i do, just go to the settings menu. and under player engine selected kaffeine_Gstreamer instead of kaffiene_xine.

Now iam happy. i can play dvd also.

may be it will be helpful to somebody.
i am using hp dv200 series dv2840ei laptop.

Ja said...

hi, you're the Master! i've been fighting against fedora 12 for few days to get mp3 support and than i've found your post:) thank you very very very much!

Rudra said...


I have got some error message.

ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libcdaudio-0.99.12p2-13.fc12.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by tslib-1.0-2.fc12.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by binutils-
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by glibc-2.11.90-8.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by imlib2-1.4.2-5.fc12.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libdc1394-2.1.2-3.fc12.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by schroedinger-1.0.8-3.fc13.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by celt-0.7.0-1.fc13.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by glibc-common-2.11.90-8.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libid3tag-0.15.1b-10.fc13.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libdvdnav-4.1.4-0.1.svn1184.fc12.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by gstreamer-
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libsidplay-1.36.57-21.fc13.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by glibc-devel-2.11.90-8.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by glibc-headers-2.11.90-8.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libxml2-2.7.6-1.fc13.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libxml2-python-2.7.6-1.fc13.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by prelink-0.4.2-4.fc12.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libxml2-devel-2.7.6-1.fc13.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by dirac-libs-1.0.2-3.fc12.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by gstreamer-tools-
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by libass-0.9.8-1.fc13.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by openjpeg-libs-1.3-6.fc12.x86_64
rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) is needed by enca-1.10-1.fc12.x86_64

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!!!

Nayan Joshi said...

hi I get One Error that is
The playback of this movie requires a MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) decoder plugin which is not installed.
What to do next
Plz tell me

Harsh Khad!!! said...

hey guys,.. i get this error message:
Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: fedora. Please verify its path and try again

what am i supposed to do?

Harsh Khad!!! said...

and while auto- installation.. it gives the failure for dependency resolution with : is needed by package ffmpeg-libs-0.5-5.20091026svn.fc12.i686 (rpmfusion-free) is needed by package ffmpeg-libs-0.5-5.20091026svn.fc12.i686 (rpmfusion-free) is needed by package ffmpeg-libs-0.5-5.20091026svn.fc12.i686 (rpmfusion-free) is needed by package ffmpeg-libs-0.5-5.20091026svn.fc12.i686 (rpmfusion-free)


koushik said...

many many thanks to u........

Rudra said...

i have successfully played mp3 in fedora 11

Rudra said...

I ha ve sucessfully played mp3 in fedora 11

Unknown said...

I am new to fedora and was looking for this information.
Thank you very much.

Rudra said... Follow the instruction in the page

ritmo said...

worked fine for me.
running fedora 13, i uninstalled totem, run the commands as described above, and played my dvd with no problems.

thanks mate!

samir said...

when i starting my movie player it give an error as "The playback of this movie requires the following decoders which are not installed:

Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) decoder
H.263 decoder
what will ido then

Rudra said...

follow instructions of this linkyncan