Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Speed up Ubuntu Linux - Fine tuning Ubuntu

Speed launch your Ubuntu using the following steps

Stop unnecessary Applications and Services that start automatically at boot time.

First Stop the unnecessary softwares that starts at boot time.

System -> Preferences -> Applications startup, a window like the following,

Safely de-select the applications that you want are not started automatically, when you have finished click "Close."

Cancel the automatic start of unnecessary services
Go to System -> Administration -> Services and click in the unlock when prompted to enter the password
Now de-select the services that you don't need at start time.
You can de-select the following
1. Power Management (acpid) - only useful if you use a laptop or a Netbook.
2. Bluetooth device management (blutooth) - you can disable if you do not have bluetooth.
3. Management shortcut keys (hotkey-setup) - if you do not use shortcuts on the keyboard you can disable it.
4. Management Braille display - if you do not need the Braille display so you can disable.

after this click on "Close."


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thanks, i'm learning. :-)

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Thanks. I am Learning.