Thursday, July 30, 2009

AutoScan Network :Network Monitoring and Management Tool for Linux / Windows / Mac

AutoScan-Network is a network discovering and managing Tool. No Special configuration is required to scan your network.

Main Features:
•Multithreaded Scan
•Automatic network discovery
•Realtime detection of any connected equipment
•Supervision of any equipment /service (router, server, firewall, smtp, http, pop)
•Automatic detection of known operatic system (brand and version)
•Intruders detection (in intruders detection mode, all new equipments blacklisted) •
•Telnet Client •
•Vnc Client

How to install autoscan-network in ubuntu / Debian
Download the package from Here
Unzip the tar.gz file in a folder
Official site here
then execute the .bin file
( installation is very simple just double click on files)

Rapache : Graphical Front end for Apache Webserver in Linux

Rapache is a utility used for remotely managing Apache webserver.
Rapache is a free software, developed with Python + GTK, usong this utility you can very easily create a virtual host, enabling / disabling modules and quickly review the logs etc.

For installing rapache in ubuntu / debian

open a terminal

$ sudo apt-get install rapache ( or use synaptic package manager)

see for more details

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Share Files quickly in Ubuntu / Debian Linux

In the very first day of my python study, I wondered!!!
Some time we need to share files to other systems in our computer center quickly with out any tools in hand. If you have a python installation in your system, file sharing is very simple by implementing a little http server, using a single line command.

Suppose If you want to share the folder /home/shibu/ and my IP address is

open a terminal then type following
$ cd /home/shibu

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Now your http server will start in port 8000
( You will get a message - Serving HTTP on port 8000 ... )

Now you can open a browser in the remote machine and type the following in the address bar

If you are a network administrator it is very useful, normal users can also use this trick.

you can test it locally by using

Smile : Video Slide Show Creator For Ubuntu / Debian Linux

Smile is a simple tool for creating Video Slide show in Linux.

First you have to install smile-data using gdebi package manager
Download Smile-data From here
(9.6 MB)

After that Install Smile
Download Smile from here
(1.1 MB)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

gshutdown : Graphical Shutdown Utility

gshutdown is a Graphical Shutdown Utility, you can set the shutdown /restart time graphically. Beginners can easily schedule shutdown time using this utility.

$ sudo apt-get install gshutdown ( or use synaptic package manager)

Howto Change Wallpapper Automaticaly in ubuntu Linux : Drapes

Desktop Drapes will change your wallpaper randomly. It will select wallpaper from a list, or you can point it to a directory.

$ sudo apt-get install drapes

Monday, July 27, 2009

Virtual Makeup Software for Ubuntu / Debian Linux : jkiwi

jkiwi is a very unique software ever seen in linux. It won the national open source contest in Portugal. It can be used for hairstyling, concealer paint, eye shadows, blush, contact lenses for eye colors, change lip colors. Yes you can share it with your friend after loading it in your laptop.

Kiwi works best with images in .jpg or .png format and you should use a vertical image in one of the resolutions (480x640, 600x800, 768x1024). Larger images is not recomended due to memory size and overall application speed.

How to install jkiwi in ubuntu / debian
Download the .deb file from here (32 MB in size)
$ sudo dpkg -i jkiwi_0.9.5_ubuntu.deb
official site
It requires jre 5 or greater to run.

Ohh My God !! Debian / Ubuntu Package for S-e-x/ p-o-r-n Download : Gnaughty

FOSS Community knows what stuff people looking for!!!
I Cannot Believe, But it is true, because I have Tested this package in my ubuntu box and removed it . It is looking for an entry in Gnome. It is a sourceforge project !!! Click to enlarge the picture (my screen shot) for understanding How much serious it is!!
See the project description
Fast and Easy P-o-r-n Downloader

Gnaughty is a program to automatically download a-d-u-l-t s-e-x content, i.e. p-o-r-n movies and pictures, from a known Internet porn directory.

Providing a friendly interface, users who feel like having some p-o-r-n can have it served fastly and directly to their desktop.

Beware Network Administrators


HowTo find Duplicate files in Ubuntu Linux : Fslint

Finding Duplicate files in linux is a difficult job. FSlint is a very good utility for find and clean duplicate file in linux. FSlint can use for one click removal of duplicate files, empty folders, temporary files, check the packages installed, incorrect connections etc..

For Installing FSlint in Ubuntu
$ sudo apt-get install fslint ( it is version 2.26)

Install latest version
sudo dpkg -i fslint_2.40-1_all.deb

For Fedora and Readhat
sudo rpm -Uvh fslint-2.40-2.noarch.rpm

Friday, July 24, 2009

Collection of Hardware Connectors and Sockets

Very good effort from sonic84. See Large picture here
Picture includes most of all Hardware Parts, Connectors, Sockets, Modules etc... Click to enlarge
original site

Howto Find Maximum memory capacity of Your Computer

Before Upgrading your Computers Memory capacity, You have to check maximum memory capacity of your system supports.
see this also

How to check your maximum memory capacity

it is simple
$ sudo dmidecode | grep Maximum


Maximum Size: 32 KB
Maximum Size: 4096 KB
Maximum Size: 0 KB
Maximum Capacity: 8 GB

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Howto Restore Ubuntu After Windows Installation Using LiveCD

Windows will overwrite the grub boot loader , So You cannot access Linux partition after Windows Installation.
Tools Required : Ubuntu LiveCD

First you have to boot your system with a ununtu LIVECD

Then Open a terminal ( Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal)

($sudo -i Will give # Prompt then you can avoid sudo in every command)

Now you can start
$ sudo grub this will give you a new prompt

Type the command
> find /boot/grub/stage1 This will give you a output like (hd0,2) in this case it will vary depends on your system

> root(hd0,2) ( use your hd number and there is no space between root and (hd0,2)

now type
> setup (hd0,2)

> quit
Now you can restart your system

Friday, July 17, 2009

Web based (Http) Network Traffic / Bandwidth Monitoring Tool: Darkstat

DarkStat is a simple Packet Sniffing Network Traffic/Bandwidth monitoring Tool for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. DarkStat gives simple web based output with nice graphs and statistics , it will automatically refreshed. Darkstat uses a very low footprint and the memory, CPU usage.

How to install darkstat in Ubuntu / debian
$ sudo apt-get install darkstat ( or use Synaptic package manager)

For Running darkstat
$ sudo darkstat -i eth0
or for wireless
$ sudo darkstat -i wlan0
Now darkstat will start and run in background (You will not get any output now!!!!!)

Open your Browser
type in address bar

Howto Disconnect a Network Sevice without Stopping Entire Network in Ubuntu / Debian : Cutter

Cutter is tool used for disconnecting an TCP/IP connection. Some time Network administrators want to stop some specific services like ssh, chat. Cutter is a very useful utility for network administrators for blocking high bandwidth consuming services, peer-to-peer Service etc. It is a firewall administrators tool, so use in firewall / router machines.

$ sudo apt-get install cutter (or use synaptic package Manager)

cutter ipaddress1 [ port1 [ ipaddress2 [ port2 ] ] ]

You can use netstat for finding the connection.

Stop all ssh connection between and server
$ sudo cutter 22

Stop all ssh connection between and
$ sudo cutter 22

Stop all connections between and server
$ sudo cutter

official Site

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Howto Check your webserver for vulnerabilities : Nikto a website scanner

Nikto is an Open Source (GPL) web server scanner which scans your webserver against more than 3500 dangerous files/CGIs, outdated version checking, It has a very good plugin support
Official site
To install in ubuntu / debian
$ sudo apt-get install nikto

Full installation of nikto will offer lot of options
$ nikto will give the list of options

For simple test

$ sudo nikto -h

output will we like this
abc@abc-desktop:~$ sudo nikto -h
- Nikto v2.03/2.04
+ Target IP: (fake value)
+ Target Hostname:
+ Target Port: 80
+ Start Time: 2009-07-17 22:06:29
+ Server: Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) PHP/5.2.6-1+lenny3 with Suhosin-Patch mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.0
+ OSVDB-877: HTTP method ('Allow' Header): 'TRACE' is typically only used for debugging and should be disabled. This message does not mean it is vulnerable to XST.
+ OSVDB-0: ETag header found on server, inode: 3965147, size: 2857, mtime: 0x433a88acc26c0
+ PHP/5.2.6-1+lenny3 appears to be outdated (current is at least 5.2.6RC4)
+ mod_perl/2.0.4 appears to be outdated (current is at least 5.8)

Explore / Browse files with Admin Privileges in Ubuntu

Explore / Browse Files with admin Privileges in ubuntu do the following steps

Sometime we want to manage files with admin privilege . Here a easy way to do this.
Make a application launcher for this purpose.
Right click on empty part of Menu bar and select "Add to Panel "

Now You will get a pop up menu
Select Custom Application Launcher and click on Add

Now a Pop up Window will appear
Select Type as Application and Command must gksu nautilus
After filling the fields Press OK
You will get an icon at Menubar, When you click on that icon it will ask for root password.
and run nautilus in admin mode.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

mz (Mausezahn) : Network Traffic Generation Tool ( as wll as Network Jamming Tool) for Ubuntu / Debian Linux

mz (Mausezahn) is a versatile packet creation and network traffic generation tool. Using this tool You can Jam a Network.

This utility is used for Stress Testing of Networks and Firewall Testing. also for Finding weaknesses in network software or appliances.

Canonical does not provide updates for mz. Some updates may be provided by the Ubuntu community.
Don't Try to make headache to your Network Administartor

$ sudo apt-get install mz

this will send a specified packet to a destination port
$ sudo mz eth0 -t udp "sp=1, dp=80, p=aa:ff:00:11:22:33"
sp: source port dp: destination port p: packet

Flooding a network ,

Inject infinite frames as fast as possible:

$ mz eth0 -c 0 "aa bb cc dd ...."

Inject 100,000 frames with a 50 msec interval:

$ mz eth0 -c 100000 -d 50msec "aa bb cc dd ...."

I have purposefully made some simple mistakes in commands

slay : Kill all the Processes of a Selected User

slay is a command line utility used for killing all the processes used by a particular User. Some users will leave with out logingout, some kid users will use heavy games and stay it in background. slay will kill all the processes for such conditions. The main problem is , slay will not give any warning if you have unsaved documents!!! So take care and use it effectively, good tool for system administrators.

use synaptic or apt for installing slay in ubuntu / debian

$ sudo apt-get install slay


$ sudo slay varkala will kill all the processes of user varkala.

How to Lock / Unlock User in ubuntu / Debian Linux

For Locking User from command Line

$ sudo usermod -L varkala This will Lock user account named varkala

For Locking User from command Line

$ sudo usermod -U varkala This will UnLock user account named varkala

How to Monitor Memory and Swap Usage in Ubuntu Linux

List Memory Usage in Kilobyte
$ free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 2042788 839976 1202812 0 35992 399284
-/+ buffers/cache: 404700 1638088
Swap: 4462644 0 4462644

$ free -m for display usage in Megabyte
$ free -b for display in usage in Blocks

$ free -s 5 Ddisplay memory usage every 5 seconds continuously

How to Install Web Based System Administration Tool : Webmin in Ubuntu9.04 / Debian

Webmin is a web based magical Graphical front end for System administration in Unix and Linux. You can manage User accounts, Printers, servers like squid, apache, dhcp, DNS and a Lot More .
For Installing Webmin in Ubuntu / Debian do the following Steps.

First You have to install the following dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl

Now you can download deb Package and install it
deb package is available here

After down loading deb file you can install it using

$ sudo dpkg --install webmin_1.480_all.deb

After Installation webmin can be run using a Firefox

Open firefox and type the following in address bar (Not http:// it is https://)

Now it will ask for some Security certificate issues, You can blindly give anything if you are not in a critical system.

Now webmin ask for username and password you can use your Linux username and password.

Official Website of webmin

Friday, July 3, 2009

How to access GUI program on a remote machine using ssh

Using ssh You can access GUI program on a remote machine .
We know how to use ssh and telnet, but the main problem is , you will get only test screen in remote machine. Here a great tutorial for accessing Graphics on Remote terminal using ssh tunneling

Read More

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