Thursday, July 30, 2009

AutoScan Network :Network Monitoring and Management Tool for Linux / Windows / Mac

AutoScan-Network is a network discovering and managing Tool. No Special configuration is required to scan your network.

Main Features:
•Multithreaded Scan
•Automatic network discovery
•Realtime detection of any connected equipment
•Supervision of any equipment /service (router, server, firewall, smtp, http, pop)
•Automatic detection of known operatic system (brand and version)
•Intruders detection (in intruders detection mode, all new equipments blacklisted) •
•Telnet Client •
•Vnc Client

How to install autoscan-network in ubuntu / Debian
Download the package from Here
Unzip the tar.gz file in a folder
Official site here
then execute the .bin file
( installation is very simple just double click on files)

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much, i will try it on my ubutu os