Sunday, July 19, 2009

Howto Restore Ubuntu After Windows Installation Using LiveCD

Windows will overwrite the grub boot loader , So You cannot access Linux partition after Windows Installation.
Tools Required : Ubuntu LiveCD

First you have to boot your system with a ununtu LIVECD

Then Open a terminal ( Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal)

($sudo -i Will give # Prompt then you can avoid sudo in every command)

Now you can start
$ sudo grub this will give you a new prompt

Type the command
> find /boot/grub/stage1 This will give you a output like (hd0,2) in this case it will vary depends on your system

> root(hd0,2) ( use your hd number and there is no space between root and (hd0,2)

now type
> setup (hd0,2)

> quit
Now you can restart your system


Anonymous said...

nice post
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Dipin Krishna said...

No problem with space in between root and (hd0,0)..


shibuvarkala said...

space between root and (hd0,0) is required in 8.04 version, some higher versions it is not required.

bloggerspec said...

thank you sir that was a very useful and really missed that trick during the last xp installation

Chetan Naik said...

Thanks...a lot