Saturday, July 11, 2009

mz (Mausezahn) : Network Traffic Generation Tool ( as wll as Network Jamming Tool) for Ubuntu / Debian Linux

mz (Mausezahn) is a versatile packet creation and network traffic generation tool. Using this tool You can Jam a Network.

This utility is used for Stress Testing of Networks and Firewall Testing. also for Finding weaknesses in network software or appliances.

Canonical does not provide updates for mz. Some updates may be provided by the Ubuntu community.
Don't Try to make headache to your Network Administartor

$ sudo apt-get install mz

this will send a specified packet to a destination port
$ sudo mz eth0 -t udp "sp=1, dp=80, p=aa:ff:00:11:22:33"
sp: source port dp: destination port p: packet

Flooding a network ,

Inject infinite frames as fast as possible:

$ mz eth0 -c 0 "aa bb cc dd ...."

Inject 100,000 frames with a 50 msec interval:

$ mz eth0 -c 100000 -d 50msec "aa bb cc dd ...."

I have purposefully made some simple mistakes in commands

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