Monday, July 27, 2009

Ohh My God !! Debian / Ubuntu Package for S-e-x/ p-o-r-n Download : Gnaughty

FOSS Community knows what stuff people looking for!!!
I Cannot Believe, But it is true, because I have Tested this package in my ubuntu box and removed it . It is looking for an entry in Gnome. It is a sourceforge project !!! Click to enlarge the picture (my screen shot) for understanding How much serious it is!!
See the project description
Fast and Easy P-o-r-n Downloader

Gnaughty is a program to automatically download a-d-u-l-t s-e-x content, i.e. p-o-r-n movies and pictures, from a known Internet porn directory.

Providing a friendly interface, users who feel like having some p-o-r-n can have it served fastly and directly to their desktop.

Beware Network Administrators



saadeddine said...

really is something decadent :/

Anonymous said...

saad, it's decadent for you because you are a sick. Because you think that all kind of sex different from yours is a perversion.
You are really out of the reality. You only want to establish your personal kind of life to the others and we can translate this to one word : fascism.

Go home, live and let live and don't try to repress the others, beacuse it can be very dangerous for you. Today, people are not standing idle with repressors.