Saturday, July 11, 2009

slay : Kill all the Processes of a Selected User

slay is a command line utility used for killing all the processes used by a particular User. Some users will leave with out logingout, some kid users will use heavy games and stay it in background. slay will kill all the processes for such conditions. The main problem is , slay will not give any warning if you have unsaved documents!!! So take care and use it effectively, good tool for system administrators.

use synaptic or apt for installing slay in ubuntu / debian

$ sudo apt-get install slay


$ sudo slay varkala will kill all the processes of user varkala.


solarwind said...

Useful, although I think it serves a different purpose in QNX - similar to killall

Viktor VAD said...

AHHHHAAHAAAHAHHAAAAAAA! My GOD this is the best post in this year! XDDDD
ROFLMAO! Ok, so it is very funny and very useful indeed. Thank you for the information! ^_^