Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Run DOS Applications and Games in Ubuntu / Debian Linux

The Fundamental Operating System DOS is still alive. For basic study purpose, DOS is Used in most of the Universities. Now Also people like DOS games. The Famous C language Compilers are woking only is DOS. You can Make a virtual DOS environment Linux.

sudo apt-get install dosbox
(Your can use Synaptic Package Manager and search for dosbox)

After Installation you can make a folder xxxxx in your home directory
(eg: $mkdir mydos)

copy your favorite dos programs and games like Turboc, dave, digger etc in this directory

Now you can run dosbox by typing dosbox in a terminal or
by select it from menu

You will get a small dos window with Z:\> prompt

in Z prompt type the following

Z:\>mount c /home/xxx/mydos
This command for mounting your dos directory to C Drive
(in my case my dos files are in /home/shibu/mydos )

Now You are ready for running your dos programms

Z:\> c: ( change drive to c:)
Z:\>dir (this will list your dos files placed in /home/shibu/mydos)

if ther is our old famous digger game

Z:\>digger and Enjoy it.

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