Sunday, September 6, 2009

Howto recover gnome-panel (disappeared Application Menu, Places Menu and System Menu ) in ubuntu / debian Linux

Reseting Gnome Settings

If your gnome-panel corrupt , Application Menu, Places Menu and System Menu and some other menu items will disappear.
How to recover it

Boot the system upto Login Window. Press Ctrl + Alt+F1

Now You will get a Text based login screen

login with your username and password

now you will get a $ prompt.

Type the following Command

$ rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd

Now Press Ctrl + Alt+F7

and login Gnome. Every thing appear in the menu bar.


Luke said...

Extremely useful info there thanks.

Unknown said...

The method in this tutorial also removes any customizations you've made to the panel yourself.
It is much easier to just re-add the Application Places System menus. Right click on the panel, choose Add to Panel... and then add Menu Bar.

Sephiroth said...

That worked flawlessly for me. You are the man!!!

bvpainter said...

Daan's reply works perfectly for me. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it work's but i have no Password.....I have a login name just no password....What do I do now?
Please help...

Parwesh Sabri said...

This is very useful for me.
Thanks, keep this good work.

Parwesh Sabri said...

This is very useful for me.
Thanks, keep this good work.

Unknown said...

the rm command will remove everything...! dont use.

Just go to tty1 and do killall gnome-panel it will restart the panel service.

NOW I have seen that FIREFOX is causing my panel to hang..I guess that an applet might be causing this

Anonymous said...

Using the above steps dint work for me.
What I did was:
execute this from command prompt


if you get the below

** (alacarte:2299): WARNING **: Error loading menu layout from "/etc/xdg/menus/": Error on line 1 char 1: Document was empty or contained only whitespace

Then remove the file from that folder

Then you will have a same file with, just rename/copy it to

Thats it, my menu appeared in seconds.

Anonymous said...

cheers mate, excellent work

Anonymous said...

FWIW @Daan's suggestion did not work for me, precisely because my gnome-panel was so corrupted (due apparently to an Ubuntu bug which stretches back literally years, according to the Ubuntu bug tracker) that I could not even right-click on the panel. Absolutely nothing worked.

After following this entry's instructions and rebooting everything works perfectly again. HOWEVER @Daan is right, removing these directories will revert any customizations you've made (toolbar launchers, background image) to how Ubuntu looked when you first installed it. It will NOT remove any applications or other important files.

Hope this helps,

Unknown said...

Hello all,

I'm using Dreamlinux (based on debian lenny), I recently reinstalled and have lost the system menu from the top left panel.

Applications is still there and I put places back by adding it.

I tried the ideas, i.e.the altctrl F1 thing, no joy, still won't work.

I tried the alacarte thing, and I see the system menu however I have no control to put it in the menu bar..

Please help..

Anonymous said...

It worked for me thanks!

Sans said...

Thanks. Super useful.

vijay said...

thanks thanks thanks

RHogskin said...

My problem started when I tried to use dual monitors. Somehow my xorg file was corrupted. I lost half of my screen and the main panel which I have parked at the top of the screen is corrupted. There are no entries and it will not allow me to add entries. I get the add to panel option when I right click on the panel; it just won't add anything. Luckily the bottom panel still works.

jbronner1972 said...

oh thank fuckin god. you're a lifesaver. my hat is off to you.

Anonymous said...

that's cool restore settings to original , if someone need to use the same desktop configuration before restore by remove config files just "save desktop theme" and restore after remove config files , yeah passwords from gnome-network-manager are cleared but it's not problem to copy and paste from file ,
this i've use to save desktop theme
"gnome-appearance-properties %F" in console or ALT+F2

Anonymous said...

yes this trick worked

Joe_Wulf said...

Suggest adding .config to the list of stuff to remove. Extremely helpful when the panel bars do not populate at all and are completely non-functional.

Extreme... but works.

Anonymous said...

I was just moving my panel from one screen to another when it disappeared. After some reading I just opened a console and launched gnome-panel, and my panel came back. hope this helps