Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to Use Multiple Templates in Joomla Site

Most of the Joomla sites use single template for all the pages. But Joomla supports more than ONE Template in a site. The following steps help you to use more than one template in a joomla site.

First of all, you need to install all the templates that you want to use (Extensions --> Install/Uninstall and upload the template package). After installation, you can assign them to the pages/menus/components where you want to use the different templates.

You Can assign Different templates to Different Menu items. Click on Extensions--> Template Manager. Now Select the Template which you want to assign to a particular page (menu item). Once you have Selected the template, e.g. FSUG, on the left side of your screen you can l find a Menu Assignment window.Here, click on Select from List, and then choose the menus / pages where you want the template to use and click Apply or Save. This can be done for each template that you want to assign to the different pages. Make a New Look and feel for your web site and Enjoy.


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