Monday, October 26, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 ( Karmic Koala) What is New in it : Review

The main features of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

Faster Bootup & Faster Shutdown
Upstart the new speed boot technology is one of the main attraction of ubuntu 9.10. Upstart is used for replacing the old System-V init system that is commonly used on most of the Linux distributions. Upstart will give a lightning fast boot up to ubuntu.

XSplash replaces USplash
XSplash will solve rhe problems of usplash and this is a major step towards the ten-second boot process Ububtu aimed in Ubuntu 10.04, which is expected in April of 2010.

EXT4 File System and GRUB2
Finally ext4 is the default filesystem in Ubuntu 9.10. Ot will increase the speed and performance of Operating System. Supports 1 Exbibyte drive Capacity.
Grub 2 is now used for your boot menu.

New Kernel: 2.6.31
Ubuntu 9.10 uses the latest kernel 2.6.31 with Kernel Mode Settings enabled for Intel graphics cards, it also protects from rootkit attacks.

Gnome 2.8
  • Features of Gnome 2.8 : New Bluetooth module to help users manage their Bluetooth devices. it supports hundreds of Bluetooth devices, it also supports Internet through mobile phone.
  • New Time Tracker applet, which helps you track your time and tasks.
  • Another big change is that the replacement of Pidgin Instant Messenger with Empathy.
  • The webcam photo and video application Cheese has been improved as well.
Software Center
This is one of the major addition, Software center replaces Add/Remove Software tool and Synaptic package Manager. Now Software installation become professional and user-friendly .

Ubuntu One
Ubuntu One is a simply to sync files and folders on more than one PC. For Using Ubuntu One you will have to sign up for an account. Two type of Accounts are available in Ubuntu One, free account (which gives you 2GB of space) or, for $10.00 USD per month, you can get 50GB of space.

More More..........
  • Another new feature in Karmic is the addition of the Gnome-Disk-Utility, also known as Palimpsest Disk Utility .
  • Network manager has undergone some nice beautification, now it is more user friendly, WIFI spots and security-key's has been very much simplified.
  • Font Installation now takes just one click .
  • Karmic Koala ships with Firefox 3.5.3 as the default browser.
  • New Bootscreen, Themes, Wallpapers and Icons
  • 6 Step Installation
  • New options are also available during install – such as creating an encrypted home partition.

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