Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to manage your Mobile internet connection in Ubuntu with Launch2net

Launch2net for Ubuntu Linux is a professional mobile Internet Connection Manager for Ubuntu users. launch2net will recognize your type of modem or ExpressCard as well as the SIM card and does not need intricate driver installations or configurations.

A user friendly graphical frontend gives most important information at a glance, like network information, signal strength, online time and data throughput.

It is Simle to use, no long searches for modem drivers or connection settings. launch2net gets you online simple and fast with a few clicks.

L2N have a simple SMS text message manger. You can use launch2net to send, receive and manage your SMS text messages with support of multipart and multigroup messages.

Try to connect your Mobile connections RELIANCE, TATA INDICOM, BSNL with this and write your valuable comments

How to insta;; Launch2net in ubuntu

Download the deb file form here

Now double click on the downloaded file and proceed with gdebi installtion

or Open a terminal and type

$ sudo dpkg -i launch2net2_1.6.0-0_i386.deb

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nice post it is working in Etisalat Dubai