Saturday, November 21, 2009

What is new features in Mandriva 2010

Popular Desktop Linux distribution Mandriva 2010 released . See some new features in mandriva 2010.

Easy and stylish new Installer

Mandriva introduced a Live Upgrade , which help you to upgrade packages easily.

xguest package based Guest accounts, it offers safe temporary access to the system via gdm or kdm.

Mandriva 2010 is based on Linux 2.6.31 improved its wireless Support with easier wifi key setup.

mandriva is the first distribution who integrate the Moblin 2.0 environment designed for mobile desktop platforms,

Improved boot time offers a lightning startup

Krandr ( Desktop resolution dynamic changer ) will be more integrated into KDE4.

Openoffice 3.1 included

Mandriva comes with KDE 4.3.2

Improved Diskdrake offers a user friendly disk partitioning with Raid and 2TB Disk support

The Plymouth boot splash technology, which provides a graphical boot animation during the boot process.

Mandriva 2010 will have GNOME 2.28. It contains the latest version of GTK+ with client-side window.

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