Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Change Sudo Password Remembering Time in Ubuntu

When You use 'sudo' command it will ask for password in First time and will remember password for 15 minutes. It is a security hole for sensitive systems.
You can change sudo Password Remembering Time in Ubuntu .

Open a terminal and type
$ sudo visudo

In Ubuntu, visudo uses nano text editor, and what it does is edit the / etc / sudoers.tmp

Check for the line as shown below

Defaults        env_reset

Change it to

Defaults        env_reset , timestamp_timeout = X

Where X is the time that we remember the sudo password, if we put 0 (zero) that we always get the request.

Finally to save the changes, press Ctrl + X and said yes.


phlogiston said...

Nice, but why are refering to ubuntu, this is a general tool used in almost every linux distribution. It has nothing to do with ubuntu actually :)

Corfy said...

What time frame is "X"? Is that minutes? Seconds? Milliseconds?