Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Record Video Using VLC in Ubuntu / Debian

VLC can also used for recording videos during Playback. But, By default the record button is hidden in VLC. First you have to enable the Record Button.

How to Enable Record Button in VLC
Select     View->Advanced Control.
The record button will now appear.
Now You can Record movies and videos by clicking on the button dering playback

Clicking again in record button will stop recording.

I have tested it in VLC 1.0.3


Unknown said...

Shibu first of all I thank you so much for the posting which you have furnished.And I expect more postings to uplift the world of LINUX.Certaily this will be more fruitful to the newbees of LINUX enterants.

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shibuvarkala said...

Download Link Problem Corrected

Thank You

dwpbike said...

vlc record doesn't seem to be consistent. first, i was getting only a few seconds recorded of a 2 minute clip. now the full clip is recorded, but audio/video sync is way off.