Saturday, December 5, 2009

Small Usb Keyboard for Gmail users - Gboard

Gboard is a small simple device for help gmail users. It is a USB device. The Gboard has 19 buttons and each corresponds with a task in Gmail. From the board, you can search, go to results, go to starred mail, compose a message, reply, reply to all, forward a message, star and archive messages, delete and mark messages as spam, flip through your messages , select messages and go right to the inbox.

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Jukka said...

Sounds excellent! So it's compatible with linux / ubuntu too? I am using gmail a lot and wish to have pine-like effectiveness with it, the gui is quite slow for my speed. I have used to do mass filtering mail, and deleting hundreds of spam in one click, even though currently the Gmail does junk-filter quite well.
But you know, the hackish feeling of controlling your machine with keyboard only, would be nice. :)