Thursday, January 14, 2010

Compare GET and POST Methods of HTML Form

Compare GET and POST Methods of HTML Form
  • The main difference between GET and POST is how the form data is passing. 
  • Both are used for passing form field values.
  • All the values which is submitted by the GET method will be appended to the URL.
    Where as POST method send the data with out appending the URL(hidden)
  • In GET Method we can bookmark the URLs where as in POST method its not possible.
  • In GET Method there is a limit for passing the data from one page to another(ie 256 characters according to w3c standards)
    But in POST we can send large amount of data
  • Compared to POST get is Faster
  • POST is more secure than get method
  • If you refresh the page , POST method shows an annoying alert box
  • Some firewalls doesn't allow POST methods.
  • All the informations which is passed by GET method will be stored in webserver (log file) but in POST we can not
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