Tuesday, March 2, 2010

8085 Microprocessor Simulator for Ubuntu / Debian /Fedora Linux:GNUSim8085

GNUSim8085 is a graphical simulator, assembler, debugger  for Intel 8085 microprocessor.It is very helpful for Engineering and Polytechnic students with Microprocessor as a subject.
It is available in Ubuntu and Debian repository

$sudo apt-get install gnusim8085


$ yum install gnusim8085


Hassan said...

Dear Author,

Previously I used EMU8086 in windows but I have found this one more interesting and also free.


ओंकार (Onkar) said...

I stumbled upon this post while looking for the websites that mention GNUSim8085. It will be great if you can add a link to our website www.gnusim8085.org (currently redirects to launchpad page). There are new releases available there.

Jagan C said...

Hi. I'm in need of a 8086 emulator for my Ubuntu machine. If you know about this, Please let me know.