Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to install 32bit deb applications in 64bit Ubuntu Linux system

Here you can see a Tip for installing 32 Bit applications i 64 bit Ubuntu
Most of the 64 bit ubuntu users need to install their popular 32 applications.  Some times it will return an error you have to use ia32 libraries. .In ubuntu Linux you can easily install ia32 Libraries.

Open a terminal type:
$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Now You can install your application
$sudo dpkg -i - -force-architecture yourpackage.deb 


CRM said...

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Anonymous said...

I am trying your method in Ubuntu 10.04. It seems to function. One quirk I notice, and I am not sure why, is that upon boot the panel program hangs and freezes. Then I am left with a blank desktop. That is to say: the desktop background is all that appears. I have to [ctrl]-[alt]-[del] to restart.

QUESTION: If I run avast free 32 bit on Ubuntu 64 bit do I have as much protection? Will the 32 bit anti virus software perform just as well (and offer equal security) as it does on the Ubuntu 32 bit OS?

Or do I have to be concerned about "64 bit viruses" getting past 32 bit protection?


Anonymous said...

Installing ia32-libs only is insufficient to cover all the issues pertaining to running i386 apps on amd64 Linux. In many cases, ia32-libs-gtk is mandatory to ensure 32-bit apps would run flawlessly on Linux x86_64 .

Anonymous said...

You don't need antivirus in ubuntu. It's so lame.

ShaneL said...

Hi, I'm playing with a printer driver at the moment. I used the --force-architecture on install, but still have some issues to resolve with 32 and 64 bit libraries. I am currently playing with getlibs
to round up some 32 bit libraries to hopefully placate the printer driver... if anyone else finds the ia32 and --force-architecture options don't completely solve your issues, maybe have a look at getlibs.