Thursday, April 8, 2010

Essential Keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu Linux

Keyboard Shortcuts will increse your efficiency of Computer user. Here you can see some essential shortcuts for ubuntu

Desktop Shortcuts

* Alt + F1: Open main menu.Use up/down/right/left arrow keys to select in Applications/Places/System.
* Alt + F2: Run Application.This will bring up a window,type command to run an application.
* Print Screen: Make a screenshot of whole screen.
* Alt + Print Screen:  Make a screenshot of current window.

Windows Short Cuts

* Alt + F4: Close the current window.
* Alt+F5 Returns window to 'normal' or previous size. 
* Alt+F7 Moves the current window 
* Alt+F8 Resizes current window
* Ctrl + Alt + d: This will minimize all windows and apps,and bring you to desktop.
* Alt + F9: Minimize the current window.
* Alt + F10: Maximize the current window.
* Alt + Tab: Switch in windows.

System Short Cuts
Ctrl + Alt + Delete   - Restart the computer immediately, without saving open files
Ctrl + Alt + BackSpace-Restart X Windows
Ctrl + Alt + Plus (numeric keypad) - Rotate through supported screen resolutions
Ctrl + Alt + Minus (numeric keypad) - Rotate backwards through supported screen resolutions
Ctrl + Alt + F1 --- F5   -  Open Virtual Terminal
Ctrl + Alt + F7 -  Return to Graphics screen from Virtual Terminal

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