Monday, February 7, 2011

Best download Manger for Ubuntu Linux - Uget

Uget (formerly urlgfe) is a Free and Open Source download manager written in GTK+ , it has many of features like easy-to-use , cross-platform (Windows & GNU/Linux) , support pause and resume , classify download , every category has an independent configuration
Free and Open Source .
Simple , easy-to-use and lightweight .
Support resume download , so if your connction lost you don’t need to start from first .
Classify downloads , and every category has independent configuration and queue .
Queue download .
Integrate with Firefox through Flashgot plugin .
Monitoring clipboard .
Import downloads from HTML file .
Batch download , you can download many files has same arrange , like file_1 file_2 …. file_20 , you don’t need to add all links , just one link and changeable character .
Can be used from command line .

how to install uget in ubuntu

$ apt-get install uget

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