Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Common Filesystem Types used in Ubuntu / Debian Linux

Filesystem Types
* The most common filesystem types are:
ext2,ext3,ext4               The standard Linux filesystems

iso9660                          The filesystem used on CD-ROMs

proc                  Not a real filesystem, so uses none as the device.
                         Used as a way for the kernel to report  system information to user processes

Sysfs               exports information about devices and drivers from the kernel device model to user space
vfat                The filesystem used by Windows 95

auto                Not a real filesystem type. Used as a way of asking the mount command to probe for various
                       filesystem types, particularly for removable media

ReiserFS         is a general-purpose, journaled computer file system designed and implemented by a team at 
                       Namesys led by Hans Reiser      
 XFS       is a journaling filesystem,  developed  by  SGI
JFS       is  a  journaling  filesystem,  developed  by IBM 
tmpfs             is a common name for a temporary file storage facility on many Unix-like operating systems
usbfs              USB Device Filesystem.

Networked filesystems include
nfs (Unix-specific)
smbfs (Windows or Samba)

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