Monday, April 29, 2013

Useful Gimp Keyboard Shortcuts for Ubuntu/Debian Linux

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed up your GIMP Work flow

 Zoom Tool
    Press the + key to zoom in in increments.
    Press the - key to zoom out in increments
    Press the 1 key to zoom in to 100%, ie one pixel in your image matches one 

     pixel on your monitor
    Press Shift+Ctrl+E to fit the image to the window


  Once you've finished working with a selection, you'll want to deselect it.
    Menu  Select--> None

     Keyboard Short Cut   -  Shift+Ctrl+A

    Press Ctrl+, to fill with the foreground color
    Press Ctrl+. to fill with the background color

    Press Ctrl+: to Fill with Pattern

Reset Foreground and Background colour to Default



Undo    Ctrl+Z
Redo    Ctrl+Y

Crop and Resize    Shift+C

Bucket Fill    Shift+B

Eraser    Shift+E
Toggle rulers    Shift+Ctrl+R
Toggle guides    Shift+Ctrl+T

Merge visible layers    Ctrl+M
Anchar layer    Ctrl+H 

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