Thursday, May 23, 2013

Important Points about Beaglebone Black (BBB)

Important Points about Beaglebone Black

Minimum System Startup required only the USB cable shipped with BBB.

Use Google chrome or Chromium Browser

If you can't communicate to your BBB from Browser, Use Google Chrome Browser. There is Some Problem with Firefox. Never use  Internet Explorer.

BBB Standalone requirements

1.Beaglebone Black

2. HDMA or DVI Monitor

3. HDMI to HDMI Micro cable
     ( HDMI to HDMI Mini cable also available it is not suitable for BBB).

4. USB Hub ( for connecting Mouse and Keyboard)
    Options :  You can use a wireless keyboard and mouse or
                        Connect mouse to USB port and use the virtual Keybaord Preloaded
5. Power Supply  5V, 1A  ( You can start without Power supply (Use USB ), If you are a Power User , Some time BBB shows some abnormalities with USB Power . If you use USB try to use rear panel USB of your computer , Power capability of Front USB is slightly low.

Don't Try opkg upgrade in you BBB Board, this will kill you BBB. BBB will work only after reflashing the eMMC.

Very careful when you are using ADC, apply only voltage between 0 and 1.8V

 Current capacity of Begalebone black GPIO Ports  is 6ma.

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